BizHub Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company with its domicile in Nepal with an objective of providing business solutions designed to meet clients’ strategic goals. We strive in providing training packages to our clients for helping them take better decision. We also strive in providing various customized professional and soft skilled-based training in Nepal as well as outside Nepal. Making a difference to our clients and people through the integrity of our efforts; living up to our core values by blending domain expertise with analytical rigor. We take great pride in our client service, aiming to provide an outstanding quality of service and consider customers points of views at all times. Client satisfaction is important to us and we regularly review feedback and make the necessary improvements to ensure we are continually improving satisfaction.

Our Objectives

We strive to meet the objectives at four broad levels:

  • Corporate Level
  • Individual Level
  • National Level
  • International Level


  • To render consulting services pertaining to business management, accountancy, investment, taxation and information technology so as to provide sustainable competitive advantages to our clients. We take utmost care of Customer’s Value.
  • To conduct training and research programs so as to help develop professional skills and competencies.
  • To develop and promote businesses and markets so as to contribute towards the national growth and development.


Our History

Take an expedition through time and discover more about the defining moments in our history. It is a delightful story. The story behind how we have come to be who we are.

11 young and creative professional accountants with expertise in fields of Accounting, Management, Auditing, Information Technology and Taxation and decent experience in respective areas dreamed of combining all of the expertise into a great idea.

With all hard work and dedication our dream came true as BizHub.