Tax Advisory

As a tax advisory, BizHub emphasizes proactive tax analysis and tax planning going beyond the matters of tax compliance and work with the clients to simplify the tax complexity, ambiguity and serves in identifying tax saving opportunities remaining in line with the statutory requirements. 

BizHub’s tax service includes:

  • Analyze tax impact in client’s business transaction, recommends best solution for tax management and planning appropriately adhering to regulatory requirements.
  • Serves consultancy services in self-assessment of income tax liability of the clients.
  • We shall take care of complete e-returns requirements of client ensuring appropriate information disclosure as well.
  • Facilities various recommendations in handling indirect taxes (VAT, excise, customs, sales tax or others)
  • Provides a complete service for the registration and DE-registration under relevant direct and indirect taxes.
  • An enduring support services to the client to deal with tax officers
  • We shall represent client at income tax revenue tribunal during appeals and shall also defend client on tax related issues and shall also serves advance ruling for clients.
  • Any other tax related consultancy services.

IT Solutions

We specialize in working collaboratively with clients to analyze their specific needs and to evaluate and implement IT solutions that meet those unique, evolving needs and that deliver long-term, sustainable success and value. Whether you are undertaking a large initiative or a small project, we will tune our services to develop a strategy and plan that works for you.

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Goal Setting: Work collaboratively with our consultants to gather, analyze, and document your specific
goals and requirements for your IT solution.

Interviews: Talk to key stakeholders, performing a thorough analysis of your existing IT environment and investments, and capturing high level requirements.

Transform Requirements: Turn requirements into key decision criteria to allow research and select software or technology solutions that best meet your needs, in terms of people, processes, and technology.

Research and Evaluation

Industrial Best Practices: Apply key observations gathered during the requirements analysis phase, as well as our knowledge of industry best practices.

Research Best Fits: Research and evaluate the best potential fits from the crowded marketplace in an objective and unbiased manner using a structured approach.

Meeting Requirement: Perform extensive research on different technologies that meet your specific requirements and help your organization achieve its unique goals.

Due Diligence & Erp; Implementation

Shortlist: Evaluate vendors and IT solutions that meet your specific needs using the high-level requirements gathered during initial phases.

Comparison Matrix: Develop a comprehensive comparison matrix by rating each prospective solution with a score against the requirements to select the best potential match.

Implementation: Select a thoroughly researched, unbiased, and successful technology solution and install, configure, and integrate it into your IT environment.

Business Process Reengineering

Through business process re-engineering, we help you to formulate a unified vision and strategy that will enable your organization to optimize long-term processes and workflows. We work with you to define current business processes, and then rethink and redesign them to improve overall company efficiency, productivity, and quality. By understanding your organization’s specific needs and overall goals, we help you leverage technology to re-engineer business processes in order to obtain sustainable long-term success.

The key to successful business process analysis and re-engineering lies in open communication and collaboration with the client.

Key Activities

  • In-depth analysis of current workflows and business processes
  • Redesigning business processes to achieve improvements in operational efficiency
  • Aligning technology with your organization’s overall goals
  • Streamlining activities to support your company’s mission and strategy
  • Creating in-depth process flow diagrams to visually articulate processes and related user behaviors and interactions
  • Linking workflows and related activities

Training and Research


A. Banking Training

Career in Bank Financial Institutions is the most glamorous in Nepalese context and these sectors are most transparent sectors in the country. Most of the Nepalese Youths are attracted to this sector because of the excellent career growth and due to the attractive financial packages to the employees. But practical specific banking courses and training are mostly lacking in Academic courses as well as most of the new employees in banks are having general knowledge on their sector instead of expert knowledge. So keeping this matter in mind, BizHub have been conducting various training programs for more than 2 years especially for fresh graduates, Bank employees, Senior officials of BFIs Management level officials who want to pursue their career in the banking sector. We offer following four different types of training courses:

  • General Banking Training to The Fresher’s
  • Comprehensive Training to Working Employees
  • Specific Training to Senior Banking Officials. It Covers: Credit Risk Management, Training on NRB Directives Regulatory Compliance, Foreign Currency Risk Management, HR Management Training, Governance, Treasury Operation, Letter of Credit Assets Liability Management etc.
  • Training to Management Level Banking Officials using Blended Learning Approach (Might Include Round table discussion Brainstorming on International banking Practice, International Tour, Paper Presentations, Workshops, Legal issues discussions, Policy making Discussions etc.)


B. Insurance Training

Insurance companies (Life as well as Non-Life) are rapidly growing in Nepal and they will take new shape in the industry once the government stability is felt by country. Recently, several new insurance companies are registered and others are in pipeline for registration. Man-power working in insurance companies is less experienced than they actually should be. Most of them are fresher’s in insurance sectors and there is high turnover of trained staffs in this sector. So, to overcome this problem in the industry; we offer best business insurance training’s in the country. This training will teach you how to manage risk when deciding which companies to insure and what type of coverage to offer to a customer. It will also teach you how to help companies minimize their risks and reduce the odds that they file a claim.

We are offering: Life insurance Training Programs, General Insurance Training’s, Insurance claim training program, Insurance accounting program etc.

C. Infrastructure Financial Modeling

BizHub aims in assisting organizations working in infrastructure sector (Hydropower, Transmission Projects, Road Projects) by providing special training on globally accepted financial modeling. Through our public and tailored in-house courses, we share the knowledge and dedication that would recognize us as a global authority on best practice financial modeling training provider.

Our consulting experience underpins our training course development, with all our trainers’ active industry professionals. Whether youre at entry or board level, our courses will help you build your financial modeling capabilities throughout your career – giving you the analytical tools you need to succeed in your field.

Our comprehensive suite of training courses offers something for anyone who is interested in financial modeling or project finance. Our courses will help you build your capabilities throughout your career and gain the tools you need to succeed in your field.


We offer various training specific to NGOs INGO’s sectors. That might include the topic related to Tax practice by me /NGOs in Nepal, Financial management Training’s, Budgeting planning etc.

E. Co-operatives

We also offer various specialized training to senior officials of Co-operative societies in Nepal. That might include policy making in Line with New co-operative Acts in Nepal, Co-operative management, Credit management, and Risk management training etc.

Other General Training

Training on IFRS/NFRS

The Nepalese Financial Reporting Standards, usually called the NFRS Standards, are standards issued by the Nepal Accounting Standards Board (NASB) to provide a common global language for business affairs so that company accounts are understandable and comparable across international boundaries. They are a consequence of growing international shareholding and trade and are particularly important for companies that have dealings in several countries. They are the rules to be followed by accountants to maintain books of accounts which are comparable, understandable, reliable and relevant as per the users internal or external.

As decided by Council Meeting of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal on 13 Sept 2013, Listed State-Owned Enterprise, BFIs, Listed Public Entities should prepare NFRS based financial statements from FY 2015-16 and other SOE should prepare NFRS complied financial statements from 2016-17. But in Nepal, very few companies are preparing financial statements by complying NFRS/IFRS/IFRS for SMEs due to lack of expert knowledge in Accounting professional on such matter. Realizing that matter, BizHub is offering short duration training programs to accounting professionals on NFRS/IFRS which would enable all participants to understand IFRS practices, prepare IFRS complied financial statement and analyze them. We are focusing mostly on practical approach rather than theoretical approach of learning during entire period of training.

Training on Nepalese Taxation & amp; International Taxation Practice

We offer various in house as well as corporate training on Nepalese taxation International Taxation systems. This training would basically focus on special provision of Nepalese Tax laws to specific business and transactions, discussion on hot issues of taxation, case study, tax planning and tax accounting.

Advance Excel Training

This training would help the participants to explore Excel from a different dimension through Excel Formulas, Excel Tools Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and impress stakeholders with rapid, robust and powerful spreadsheet solutions. Advance excel training will help you unlock the potential for unlimited functionality in Excel, develop powerful business analysis; save you time through the automation of repetitive tasks and enhance the experience of all users. Excel with VBA gives you full access to all the secrets of VBA and will take your Excel skills to new heights.

We offer advance excel training to the open participants as well as corporate participants who wants to explore their skills in EXCEL.

Practical Accounting Training

This training would basically focus to Fresher’s (MBA,BBA,BBS,MBS,BBM graduates) in Nepal as target participants with the aim of providing a fundamental knowledge about all accounting book keeping matters at glance, so that fresher student would perform better in their job interview (before selection) as well as in job station (After selection).

Other (Risk Based Auditing, Fund Management, Financial Appraisal, Co-operative Management
Training, IT security & Risk Management etc.)

Research Works

BizHub Aims in doing research in many domains related to Banking, finance, strategy, management other related domain related to national economy.

Investment Advisory Services

BizHub Consulting service P. Ltd. is a group of financial experts, working hard to offer stock advisory services for retail investors to be profitable in the market. All stocks are meticulously researched for maximum margin of safety and high upside potential with some short term triggers to provide lucrative returns. Our depth of research, value pricing, outstanding track records of return and happy customers make us different from all others as because our portfolio have reduced chance of loss but maximized probability of gains.

We identify the needs wishes of our clientele and come up with the attractive investment ideas, discuss about their characters, possibilities describe how they can turn into opportunities, thereby satisfying them with the best investment solution. We assign the experienced professional for the service, assisting the beginners also the professionals of the field with utmost dedication.

We have a team in the back-end who pools the information relevant for the selection of the portfolio, select the portfolio based on the most reliable information, advice our clientele with the most lucrative opportunities.

“Your prosperity is our satisfaction our prosperity is when we satisfy you.”

Business Process Outsourcing

BizHub strives to perform the task precisely to deliver the best results. We at BizHub do take care of clients back office jobs that are essentially a process for the business operation but deliver their best value when these process/jobs are handed in second priority to the core business.

BizHub constitute a team of expert with wide range of knowledge in field of Accounting Human resources, payroll, telemarketing, digital marketing, inventory managements, and database management. The team members are highly trained in the field and possess wide experience to carry out jobs for particular client perfectly, maintaining highest level of professional standard.

BizHub is adequately facilitated to carry out offshore; near shore and onshore outsourced jobs from the diverse field of clients in global arena in field of back office process those include Accounting, Human resources, payroll, telemarketing, digital marketing, inventory managements, and database management.

The advantages of business process outsourcing with BizHub include:

  • Enhanced Speed and efficiencies of outsourced business processes
  • Quick and accurate reporting
  • Save on resources related to staffing and training
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Need based advisory support in core business from the panel of expert at BizHub
  • Association with the most relevant service provider