IT Solutions

We specialize in working collaboratively with clients to analyze their specific needs and to evaluate and implement IT solutions that meet those unique, evolving needs and that deliver long-term, sustainable success and value. Whether you are undertaking a large initiative or a small project, we will tune our services to develop a strategy and plan that works for you.

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Goal Setting: Work collaboratively with our consultants to gather, analyze, and document your specific
goals and requirements for your IT solution.

Interviews: Talk to key stakeholders, performing a thorough analysis of your existing IT environment and investments, and capturing high level requirements.

Transform Requirements: Turn requirements into key decision criteria to allow research and select software or technology solutions that best meet your needs, in terms of people, processes, and technology.

Research and Evaluation

Industrial Best Practices: Apply key observations gathered during the requirements analysis phase, as well as our knowledge of industry best practices.

Research Best Fits: Research and evaluate the best potential fits from the crowded marketplace in an objective and unbiased manner using a structured approach.

Meeting Requirement: Perform extensive research on different technologies that meet your specific requirements and help your organization achieve its unique goals.

Due Diligence & Erp; Implementation

Shortlist: Evaluate vendors and IT solutions that meet your specific needs using the high-level requirements gathered during initial phases.

Comparison Matrix: Develop a comprehensive comparison matrix by rating each prospective solution with a score against the requirements to select the best potential match.

Implementation: Select a thoroughly researched, unbiased, and successful technology solution and install, configure, and integrate it into your IT environment.